Book Club

Join us for our first Book Club meeting! Come get to know our newest Behavioral Health coach, Mariel and one of her favorite mindfulness books, The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer. We will be providing wine and light refreshments as well as an opportunity to get to know one another before and after our discussion. Even if you haven't reached the end of the book by the day of the event, please still join us!

Date: Thursday, March 5th
Time: 5:30 PM
Location: SMWL lobby, 11829 98th Ave NE, Kirkland WA 98034

This event's book: The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer



The Art of Mindful Weight Loss

Monthly Group Mindfulness Sessions

with Lauren Renee Archer, Mindfulness Coach 

Evidence confirms that mindfulness techniques can help a person improve their physical, mental, and emotional well being. Our live group support sessions feature targeted strategies that help you overcome emotional eating, manage temptations and cravings, and enhance your mind-body connection. Discover a supportive community that creates a safe place for you to change your habits and embody your best life.


2020 Session Schedule - Wednesday Evenings from 6:00 to 7:30

  • January 22 - Finding Your Why: Motivation that Lasts
  • February 19 -  Getting to the Heart: The Power of Emotions
  • March 18 - How to Create Your Motivational Mindset
  • April 8 - Body Awareness & Emotional Intelligence
  • May 20 - The Power of No: Setting Healthy Boundaries
  • June 17 - Self-Talk: How to Change Your Inner Soundtrack
  • July 15 - Put on Your Own Oxygen Mask: Energy Management
  • August 19 - Mental Strategies for Motivation
  • September 16 -  Mindfulness, Meditation and Visualization
  • October 21 - Managing Temptations and Cravings
  • November 18 - Redefining Normal: Avoiding Social Pressure
  • December 16 - Your Hero's Journey of Overcoming Emotional Eating


Sessions are open to all enrolled patients. Space is limited to 10 participants per session. Please RSVP to 425-636-2346 or book online to assure we have enough space and materials.  


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