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Corporate Wellness Plans
in Kirkland, Washington

 Workforce Wellness

Kirkland Corporate Plans at Sound Medical Weight Loss & Aesthetics

Are you looking to set up a corporate weight loss or wellness plan for your company?

Sound Medical Weight Loss partners with employers to provide insurance-based weight loss programs to employees. We approach weight loss with a mindfulness-based, medically supervised, holistic approach. Patients are given a personalized whole foods plan, behavioral modification guidance, and best-in-class personal training support. Give us a call today at 425-636-2346 or contact us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!

Specializing in Weight Loss & Weight Maintenance

Sound Medical Weight Loss is the top weight management clinic in the greater Seattle area, and we have helped over 5,000 patients lose weight and keep it off. We work with many referring physicians, and our programs are designed to focus on proven strategies and fresh whole food meal guidelines. After the program, participating patients have goals to lose around 20-100 pounds with long-term weight management. A few outcomes we are proud to share include:

  • Reduction in BMI
  • % overall body weight
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Points lowered for type 2 diabetes.

Dr. Christine James’s patients receive a comprehensive medical assessment, metabolic analysis, and an individualized weight loss plan with a holistic approach that improves overall wellness. Dr. James and her team address diet, exercise, and lifestyle, as well as beliefs, emotions, eating disorders, and behaviors.

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Sound Guidance

The Sound Medical Philosophy

The Sound Medical Weight Loss philosophy is composed of four main components that ensure success for our patients. By approaching weight loss under the care of a physician and combining that level of supervision with whole foods, behavioral support, and a fitness component, our patients are achieving sustainable results. If you are in Kirkland, WA, or the Eastside of Seattle, call Sound Medical Weight Loss, or book online today. Sound Medical Weight Loss partners with local employers to provide insurance-based weight loss programs to employees.

We are committed to supporting the long-term optimum health and well-being of your employees through our comprehensive, physician-supervised programs. As your medical weight loss doctors, our mission is to ensure weight loss success in the short term and maintenance in the long term. Contact our office to establish a corporate plan for your employees. *Please keep in mind that the approval process can take 14-16 days or longer depending on provider services out of our control. Thank you for understanding.

Sound Corporate Wellness Begins Here

Your Corporate Wellness Consultation

Schedule a free consultation with Sound Medical Weight Loss in Kirkland, Seattle, and explore the transformative power of our corporate wellness programs. During your consultation, our team will:

  • Discuss your company's unique needs and goals for employee well-being.
  • Explain the benefits and structure of our comprehensive weight loss and wellness programs.
  • Customize a program that aligns with your company culture and budget.
  • Answer all your questions and address any concerns you may have.
  • Empower your employees and elevate your company's success. Schedule your free consultation with Sound Medical Weight Loss today!

Invest in the well-being of your employees and unlock the benefits of a thriving workforce. Call us at 425-636-2346 or email us at [email protected].