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Exercise Tip: The Benefits of Gym Membership

Benefits of Gym Membership: For weight loss, knowledge is power. In addition to a healthy eating plan, exercise is essential. While you can manage to build an effective exercise routine at home, there are multiple benefits to going to the gym.

January is an ideal month to start a membership at a local health club. Many offer promotions including extra services and special discounts that are well worth the investment. Here are some of the advantages of gym membership over working out at home.

The Top Three Benefits of Gym Membership1. Access to Personal Training and Assistance

The most important principle in achieving optimum exercise results is learning proper exercise form. Knowing what you’re doing gives you confidence and is essential to avoiding injury. Many professional health clubs have staff trainers who can guide you in learning the ins and outs of the machines and free weights, and can also assist you in setting and achieving your goals. You don’t have to sign up for an entire year of personal training. Most people benefit from three to six sessions to gain confidence and get started. Once you have the initial knowledge, you can keep going on your own.

2. Wide Variety of Exercise Options

From a vast array of cardiovascular exercise equipment, a wide range of exercise classes, circuit training machines and free weights, most health clubs afford you the options to work every major muscle group with targeted specificity and focus, and to find just the right combination that fits for your body type and current level of conditioning. Not a treadmill fan? No problem. There are elliptical machines, steppers, rowing machines, bicycles and more. Whether you like to work out alone or with a group, pump iron or use machines, rock out to Zumba or zen out with yoga, you can find the right fit at a health club.

3. Distraction-Free Environment

For the final part of the Benefits of Gym Membership, everyone in the gym is there for one reason: to work out. Once you step through the front door of the health club, the entire environment is streamlined and dedicated to supporting your goals. If you find yourself getting distracted at home with laundry, bills, or email, going to the gym will provide you with a clear time and space to focus on your health, so that you have the energy and focus to accomplish everything else on your list.

Many gyms offer a trial period, so there’s very little risk. Dare yourself to reach out and experience the fabulous benefits of gym membership this year. For tips on sticking with your plan once you sign up, come to our Sound Lifestyle Strategy Sessions to get your mind in the game!

Lauren Archer Lauren Archer directs our Mindfulness Program. With over 25 years in private practice, Lauren is the author of Six Word Lessons on Changing Habits: How to Stop Self-Sabotage and Gain Self-Mastery. She has taught classes in the Community Health Education program at Evergreen Health, and helped thousands of people adopt healthier habits.

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