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Weight Loss Support

Sound Medical Weight Loss

Weight Loss Physicians located in the Seattle area in Kirkland, WA

At Sound Medical Weight Loss in Kirkland, Washington, you'll get a wide range of support services. Your program includes guided visualization audios, educational videos, and self-study E-Courses. Stay accountable with weight checks and health coaching. Discover how to address stress and emotions with our in person and online Mindfulness program classes. The practice of mindfulness offers numerous health benefits, from reducing stress to improving memory and enhancing your overall state of well being. If you're in the Eastside Seattle area and would like to learn more about Sound Medical Weight Loss, call the office or book an appointment online.

Weight Loss Support Q & A

You are not alone. When starting a weight loss program, you need all the support you can get. With Sound Medical Weight Loss, you’ll receive daily inspiration and tools you can use at home to help you stay focused on your plan.

Our live group support sessions feature targeted strategies that help you overcome emotional eating, manage temptations and cravings, and enhance your mind-body connection. Our supportive community creates a safe place for you to change your habits and embody your best life.