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Why Weight-Loss Programs Built Around Whole Foods are More Successful Long-Term

A diet of whole foods is better than packaged meal plans.

At Sound Medical Weight Loss & Aesthetics we believe that diet quality is the key to weight loss, and recent studies have confirmed this. That’s why our medically supervised weight loss program consists of real whole foods and not prepackaged, processed meals, snacks, and meal replacements.

Learn why a plan based on whole foods is a much more successful approach for keeping weight off in the long run.

Losing weight is a difficult road

More than 70% of Americans are overweight or obese, and it isn’t for lack of trying to maintain a healthy weight. The truth is, many people report trying to lose weight or even succeed at losing weight short term. Unfortunately, only one in six people succeed in losing a meaningful amount of weight and keeping it off.

Those who do manage to lose weight typically regain the weight and then some. The reason for this is complex, and various factors play a role in weight regain and a struggle to maintain a healthy weight.

Going it alone is a struggle

Not only is losing weight difficult, but it’s also even more challenging to go it alone. People who enlist the help of a medically supervised weight loss program consistently lose more weight and keep it off longer than people who go solo.

The team at Sound Medical Weight Loss & Aesthetics offers a medical weight loss program that incorporates the latest research and advancements in weight management. Our comprehensive program can help guide you to permanent weight loss.

What is medical weight loss?

Medical weight loss programs are doctor-directed and supervised weight loss plans that use proven principles to target the root cause of your excess weight. Our program is personalized to tackle individual health issues that may present obstacles to losing weight and keeping it off. A comprehensive body composition analysis and physical exam helps guide your program. Your provider may order blood tests to check your thyroid and other parameters because an imbalance can make it harder to lose weight.

Whole foods boost long-term results

Many diet programs involve purchasing prepackaged foods specially designed to promote weight loss. While you may lose weight initially on these plans, this approach is unsustainable. Many people regain the weight once they return to their regular eating habits.

On a whole-foods based weight loss program you develop healthy eating habits based on real foods. Under the guidance of Dr. James and her team, you learn how to choose healthier, delicious foods that help you trim down and maintain your slimmer figure for the long run.

The whole food advantage

Losing weight is about more than the number on the scale. With food trends and diet fads prevailing, it’s easy to forget that your body functions best and is better able to maintain a healthy weight when you’re giving it the highest quality foods that it can recognize and digest. Prepackaged meals often contain processed ingredients and chemical additives that aren’t healthy for your body.

Minimally processed vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats help to keep your body in balance. Studies show that people who eat a diet rich in whole foods are better able to maintain a healthy weight.

In addition, a weight loss diet based on whole foods improves various health parameters, including lowering both blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Ditch fad diets

Fad diets don’t work in the long term. Sure, if you cut your calories and purchase prepackaged foods or stick to strict rules you’re likely to lose some weight, but the chances are you won’t keep it off. Lifestyle changes that involve buying and cooking real foods can promote long-term weight management. Mindful eating paired with making nutritious food choices creates a sustainable strategy for keeping weight at bay for good.

Trim down and say hello to a healthier you with our individualized medically supervised weight loss program. To start your weight loss journey, call our office in Kirkland, Washington, or book a consultation online.

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