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When Are Appetite Suppressants Useful?

Lasting weight loss requires changing your thoughts and behaviors toward food. Changing the day-to-day habits that lead to being overweight is key to trimming down and keeping the excess weight off for good. That’s why the start of every weight loss journey involves making changes to your eating habits.

Our diet plans are designed using whole food and medications are not necessary. However, during the active weight loss phase, you can expect to eat less food than when you’re maintaining your ideal weight, and for some, appetite suppressants can make a difference in successful weight reduction. FDA-approved, prescription weight loss medications can help control your appetite so that you can more easily adjust to a controlled-calorie diet.

Dr. James and our team at Sound Medical Weight Loss want to share this information about when appetite suppressants are useful and what they can do for you along your weight loss journey.

Benefits of weight loss medications

Weight loss medications can be tools to help you shed pounds, but they’re not magic bullets to be used alone. They work best as part of a comprehensive weight loss plan that includes making healthy food choices and adopting behaviors that promote lasting weight management. When prescribed by a health care provider and used appropriately, appetite suppressants can help you follow a controlled-calorie meal plan so that you lose weight safely and effectively.

Nix cravings

Appetite suppressant medication is incredibly useful for patients who find themselves battling nagging cravings. Consistency is a key part of losing a meaningful amount of weight and keeping it off. It’s important to consistently choose nutritious, healthy foods throughout your weight loss journey and beyond.

Despite your best efforts, powerful cravings for fatty, sugary, higher-calorie foods can sabotage your efforts. If cravings are a problem, we can prescribe a weight loss medication that acts on certain chemicals in the brain to reduce cravings and help you stick to your weight loss plan and feel good while doing so.

Feel full on less

You may find it challenging to follow a lower-calorie meal plan if you’ve made a habit of consuming much more food. Another plus of some appetite suppressants is that they work by helping you to feel satisfied with less food. As a result, you’ll feel full after eating a small meal and find it much easier to eat fewer calories.

Control hunger

That gnawing pain in the pit of your stomach can derail even the most determined person. Excess hunger can lead to overeating, frequent snacking, and prevent the scale from going in the right direction. Appetite suppressants can help control your appetite so that you can focus on fueling your body with nutrient-dense foods that keep you healthy and provide exactly what you need for permanent weight management.

If you’re tired of yo-yo dieting, then you’re ready for permanent weight loss. To learn more about our weight loss programs, call our office in Kirkland, Washington, to schedule a consultation with one of our specialists or book your request online.

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