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Ah, August.  Even the Pacific Northwest, with its stubborn climate that’s always late to welcome this season, is finally embracing the thick of summer’s heat.

With this climate shift comes a corresponding de-layering in our lives – of clothing, of bedding, of our pet’s coats, of (if we’re lucky) a hurried pace of life.  It’s a wonderful process. 

However, 2020’s summer is unique in ways that no one could have ever predicted.  I’ve waxed poetic – and endlessly – about the importance of giving ourselves grace, knowing that we’re holding everything together in the middle of historic financial, health, economic, racial, familial, and educational crises (and probably more that I’m not thinking of). 

With this backdrop, it’s no wonder that the transition to summer has been unique this year and, for many, difficult.  For many patients, it’s also been a derailer for their health – they’ve dusted off their summer clothes to find they no longer fit, and that they’re not feeling as strong as they once did.

If you’ve fallen off of your health journey, know that you’re not alone.  Emotional eating is a well-researched and understood stress response.  Your goal?  Get right back on track, looking forward instead of back.  Here’s how, with Sound Medical Weight Loss’ blueprint for success:

  1. Get accountable – now.

If you haven’t weighed yourself in months or even weeks, it’s time to get on the scale.  Better yet – schedule an appointment with Sound Medical Weight Loss for a more in-depth look at your vitals, hydration levels, muscle mass, and more.  It’s ok to feel fear when you think about “facing the music.”  Just feel the fear and do it anyway.  Data is a wonderful tool to have in your arsenal.  This is the first step to moving forward toward getting back on track! 

  1. Start tracking every bite, sip and taste.

Even if you’re a long-time patient and know your nutritional facts backward and forward, it’s critical to track judiciously for at least two weeks when you’re in “reset” mode.  Use the Sound Medical Weight Loss app and be sure to include everything you drink and eat – even snacks!  Also, when in doubt, measure things out!

  1. Give yourself a weekly movement goal -- and track it.

Come up with a goal for how many days per week you’ll get your body moving – and for how long.  For example, maybe your goal is to move your body 60 minutes four times per week.  We love goals like this because they’re broad enough to allow lots of different movement types throughout the week while still holding you to the physicality of it.  Important – track your progress throughout the week.  Get a whiteboard magnet for the fridge, a notebook for your desk, or a pad next to your nightstand.  What’s critical is that you don’t forget to log your progress vs. your goal.

  1. Ramp up your water intake.

Water makes a BIG difference, so don’t skip this one!  Aim to drink at least half your body weight in ounces per day (min of 90 oz).  For example, if you weigh 200 pounds, drink 100 ounces of water daily.  You can squeeze lemon, fruits, etc in your water but DON’T add anything with artificial sweeteners (including Crystal Light or any Splenda products) or sugars.

  1. Manage your stress levels and get sufficient sleep.

Ensure you’re getting sufficient sleep and that you’re managing stress.  Consider starting or deepening a meditation or mindfulness practice.  Reduce screen time, especially at night.

If you’d like more personalized help to get you back on track quickly and sustainably, give us a call or make an appointment directly on our website.  Sound Medical Weight Loss is a holistic solution for all of your weight loss and aesthetics needs!

Sarah Eno Sarah Eno is passionate about supporting healthy lifestyle and mindset change. She graduated in Functional Nutrition in 2016. She has supported hundreds of individuals to a health-promoting lifestyle and believes that everyone has the opportunity to experience health. Sarah is a wife and mom of 3 boys. She loves cross-country skiing, yoga, her Peloton, and does fashion runway part-time.

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