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Memory, muscle recovery & DHEA

So Young

Dr. Christine James from Sound Medical Weight Loss & Aesthetics talks about DHEA levels in today's video, and how they naturally drop off after age 30.

DHEA levels are associated with brain health, muscle recovery, mood, weight, and more.  

DHEA is produced in the adrenal glands and is a precursor to testosterone.  This makes DHEA even more critical to brain, mood and muscular functioning!

Listen to Dr. James talk about DHEA, testosterone, and more.

She also talks about our precision-formulated supplement, So Young, designed to specifically target adrenal insufficiency.

VIDEO: Memory, muscle recovery & DHEA

Get your bottle of So Young in office (Kirkland, WA) or online ( today!


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Mariel Ilardi  Mariel became a weight loss coach with SMWL after being a patient herself -- having lost 65 pounds through the program! In addition to coaching SMWL patients, Mariel is the founder and CEO of Haven Coaching, an executive and career coaching company.

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