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Holistic Wellness

One of the words you may hear us use around the Sound Medical Weight Loss office quite often is holistic.

It’s a term that has risen in popularity of late, even being thrown around so much that it seems like it has lost much of its meaning, or doesn’t mean much at all.

For us at Sound Medical Weight Loss, though, taking care of our patients holistically is one of the most critical parts of our practice, and what sets your experience apart, paving the way for optimal wellness from the inside out.

We use the word holistic in its truest sense, using the classic Merriam-Webster definition:

"Concerned with wholes or with complete systems."

So many doctors, wellness centers and clinics will dissect you, focusing solely on the singular aspects that you came in to focus on. 

But you are a whole person.  You can’t be dissected.

For example, if you schedule a consultation with Sound Medical Weight Loss to explore our physician-supervised, holistic weight loss programs, we’ll help you understand much more than simply the numbers that pop up on your scale or diet/exercise recommendations. 

We’ll look at, for example, your lifestyle: what has worked for you in the past, working hours and patterns, eating and exercise patterns, and what you are most looking forward to and/or dreading about this process.

We’ll talk about your emotional history: thought patterns, past trauma, stressors, what you feel may be holding you back, etc. 

We’ll also talk about other aspects of your health besides your weight, including heart health, gut health, hormonal health, sleep patterns, food sensitivities, and much more.

Our holistic approach lets us customize a plan together for long-lasting lifestyle changes that will optimize how you feel – from the inside out.

If you’re dreading yet another short-term fix that you know won’t last…

If you’re worried about the long-term effects of yo-yo dieting to your health…

 If you’re wanting to get your weight and overall health under control once and for all…

Sound Medical Weight Loss has the holistic, physician-supervised, customized plan for you.

What’s more – every patient who enrolls in our standard three- or six-month program gets a FREE coaching session, in addition to all of the benefits you’ll receive.  If you’re already a patient, call us today to schedule your free session!

Mariel Ilardi  Mariel became a weight loss coach with SMWL after being a patient herself -- having lost 65 pounds through the program! In addition to coaching SMWL patients, Mariel is the founder and CEO of Haven Coaching, an executive and career coaching company.

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