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Finish Off Your Weight-Loss Journey With Non-Invasive SculpSure Body Contouring

Nothing can be more frustrating than diligently counting calories and sweating away at the gym only to find that your unwanted fat stays stubbornly in place. That’s because there’s more to losing fat than diet and exercise, your genes can also work against you.

But you don’t have to turn to risky surgical procedures with lengthy downtimes to beat your fat anymore. Our SculpSure® treatments at Sound Medical Weight Loss in Seattle’s Kirkland, Washington, melt away fat on a cellular level.

Feel the burn with SculpSure

You don’t have to work harder to lose your unwanted fat; just turn up the heat with SculpSure.

SculpSure is an innovative body contouring treatment that works by applying precise levels of heat to your unwanted fat with specially designed applicators. This FDA-cleared technology offers proven results because the heat damages the structural integrity of your unwanted fat cells.

After sustaining damage, the cell dies. At this point, your body absorbs them, and your lymphatic system can remove them from the area permanently. We recommend SculpSure to remove unwanted fat from all of your body, including:

SculpSure is so gentle that we can also use it to treat submental fullness — or double chins — to help create a more stunning and sculpted profile.

SculpSure in action

Our SculpSure treatments take 25 minutes and don’t have any downtime, so you can even stop in over your lunch break. We can also treat multiple areas of your body at once to save you time.

To treat your unwanted fat, we configure the specially-made SculpSure applicators to fit your treatment area. After wrapping them in place like a belt, SculpSure begins delivering optimal wavelengths of energy to the area to destroy your unwanted fat.

As SculpSure raises the subdermal temperatures of your fat tissue, it simultaneously protects the surface of your skin with its continuous Contact Cooling™ technology. During this time, you may feel a deep warmth, mild tingling, or pinching sensation, but SculpSure treatments are relatively comfortable and well-tolerated.

After having SculpSure, you may have a little tenderness in the treatment site, but this fades in 3 - 8 days. In the weeks to come, your lymphatic system absorbs your damaged fat cells and flush them from your body.

Within about six weeks, you’ll begin to notice the most significant changes, but it usually takes about 12 weeks to reach maximum results. Depending on your overall goals, we recommend at least two SculpSure treatments to help you get the best outcome. More treatments can give you even more dramatic results.

Finish off your weight-loss journey by melting away your fat with SculpSure. For a 15 minute informational consultation and assessment, call us at Sound Medical Weight Loss or schedule an appointment online today.


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