Exercise Tip: Hit the Floor!

When you hear exercise, what comes in your mind is that the equipment the you use while doing exercise. Other worries the need to own equipment just to do the exercise. However, exercise can just actually be performed without needing the requirement. You just need your self ready for the challenges and then you are good to go. Let us hit the floor!

Add these three simple exercises to your home (or office) movement routine. No special equipment is required. With this exercise, you’ll be strengthening your hips, thighs, gluteals, and abdominals, while stretching, and burning calories all at the same time. It will surely be a good to go exercise without even the need to have the equipment.

Hit the Floor Exercise

1. Side leg raises: Lay on your side on the floor and lift each leg twenty times.

2. Kneeling leg raises: Kneel on all fours. Lift one leg at a time to the side, then to the back, 20 times in each direction.

3. Curl ups: Lie on your back. Imagine lifting your chin and chest to the ceiling, keeping your lower back on the floor.

Rule of Thumb: Do a minimum of TEN MINUTES of movement three times a day. If you do, it will be more effective and you will definitely feel the changes after a few months if maintained. You do not need to push yourself if you happen to not complete all in ten minutes. You just need to push yourself to do better each day, little by little, you will eventually complete the routine and you will get used to it. By the time you will feel the changes, do not stop. Continue what you have started even if not as often as you do for the first time.

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Lauren Archer Lauren Archer directs our Mindfulness Program. With over 25 years in private practice, Lauren is the author of Six Word Lessons on Changing Habits: How to Stop Self-Sabotage and Gain Self-Mastery. She has taught classes in the Community Health Education program at Evergreen Health, and helped thousands of people adopt healthier habits.

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