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Eating during COVID-19

Eating during COVID-19

An article written by Dr. Uma Naidoo of Harvard Medical School talks about eating during this stressful, traumatic, and uncertain time of COVID-19.  There are so many things that have thrown our routines off-kilter recently:

These factors add up to increased stress and anxiety for many.  Humans can tend to turn to food as comfort and as a numbing mechanism, reaching for their “favorite salty, crunchy snack because of boredom or feeling on edge.”  This has led to many of the memes across the internet that border on painfully biting, reminding us how out of control our eating has truly gotten.

Going back to Dr. Naidoo’s article, she says, “How, then, can we mindfully make good food choices?

She also has recommendations for reducing “anxiety and boost[ing] immunity by choosing the following:

To read the article in its entirety, click here

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