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Chocolate Orange Bark

Chocolate Orange Bark

To make:

  1. Line a baking sheet or shallow dish pan with parchment paper
  2. Take 1 bag of dark chocolate chips, melted in a double broiler, stirring until melted
  3. Pour directly into the pan
  4. Sprinkle 1/4 cups almonds, whole or chopped
  5. 1/2 cup of shredded coconut
  6. 1/4 cup pistachios
  7. Zest from an orange of about 2 tablespoons sprinkled throughout
  8. Now you can slightly stir in the toppings or leave them on top
  9. Place in refrigerator for 30 - 60 minsOnce cool, break apart the chocolate and store in a container in the fridge for about 2 weeks

Makes 4-6 servings

Sarah Eno Sarah Eno is passionate about supporting healthy lifestyle and mindset change. She graduated in Functional Nutrition in 2016. She has supported hundreds of individuals to a health-promoting lifestyle and believes that everyone has the opportunity to experience health. Sarah is a wife and mom of 3 boys. She loves cross-country skiing, yoga, her Peloton, and does fashion runway part-time.

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