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At-Home Workout Roundup

At-Home Workout Roundup

With WA state and much of the country (and, indeed, the world) adhering to stay-at-home orders due to Covid-19, many of us are finding our workout routines thrown off-kilter.

Tthis blog post rounds up our favorite options for at-home workouts that will help keep you motivated, on track, and maintaining a sense of joy in movement.

Personal Trainers

Many personal fitness trainers are continuing to host their group or one-on-one sessions.  They’ve largely moved to virtual platforms, such as Zoom or FaceTime.  The trainer will create workouts for you based on the equipment (or lack thereof) you already have.  There are a number of options they might have:

If you already have a trainer, ask him or her whether they’d be willing to continue sessions with you at home! 


There are myriad apps that guide you through workouts at home or outdoors.  Here is a snapshot of the ones we love most.  Bonus: some of them are FREE!

On Demand



In addition, many yoga studios and fitness studios (like Orange Theory at home) are offering streaming and recorded home adapted exercise plans taught by their instructors. You can even link your heart rate monitor to the Orange Theory app and earn “Splat Points”!

Mariel Ilardi  Mariel became a weight loss coach with SMWL after being a patient herself -- having lost 65 pounds through the program! In addition to coaching SMWL patients, Mariel is the founder and CEO of Haven Coaching, an executive and career coaching company.

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