How It Works

Four steps to a healthier, more fulfilling life


First Visit: Initial Evaluation

We start with a 45-minute evaluation by a physician, which may be billed to your insurance or you can pay out of pocket.


Second Visit: Program Overview

At your “Start Program” visit, we’ll collect your program enrollment fee, review or order labs, and provide full instructions for the 12-week program.


12-Week Program

During the next 12 weeks you'll receive medical oversight, accountability, and effective strategies to support your weight loss.



Enroll in our Balanced for Life Maintenance Program to receive continuity of care and essential support for continued weight loss and maintenance.

Our weight loss programs are surprisingly affordable.

Because our programs are physician-supervised, most of our services are covered by insurance.

Our Quantum Medical Weight Loss program is a preferred corporate weight loss program and may be included in your employee benefits. Ask us about your corporate employee benefits coverage.


Physician Visits

Billed to Insurance*
Our program is supervised by Dr. Christine James, a Naturopathic physician. Contact your insurance company to ask if you have Naturopathic coverage. For our cash-pay patients, ask us about package rates for your initial 12-week program.


Program Enrollment

$595 for a 12-week program (does not include physician visits)
This one-time, non-refundable fee is due at your Start Program visit and covers the materials and services we provide that are not billable to insurance. You’ll receive comprehensive educational materials, Dr. James’ proprietary program guidebook, body composition analysis reports, downloadable audios, weekly online classes, and our bi-monthly support group.


Maintenance Program

$150 annual subscription fee
Stay actively involved for a full year following your initial 12-week program. Enrollment in this program gives you access to the essential resources and support you need to continue or maintain your weight loss.

*Patient is responsible for physician office visits, insurance co-pays, deductibles, lab fees, medications, supplements, and any other fees that are not covered by insurance.


Can I use my Flex Spending Account or Health Savings Account for the Enrollment fee and appetite suppressants?

Yes. This is a medically supervised weight loss program and is prescribed by a licensed healthcare provider. Medications and/or supplements prescribed by a physician may also qualify as medical expenses under some plans.


Are there Medicare or Medicaid options?
Yes, we have a reduced fee and modified plan for Medicare and Medicaid. Visits with Naturopathic doctors are not included in these plans.


Are there other expenses I should plan for?

Insurance coverage and deductibles vary with each policy. Typically, insurance plans do not cover nutritional supplements and specialty labs, which may be recommended for your treatment.

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